Coach Carlesa

Coach Carlesa is an active group instructor and coach offering private lessons to youngsters whose goals are to skate competitively. Her students have qualified for USARS 2001 thru 2022 National Championships in inline freestyle, figures, loops, singles, dance, free dance, pairs, precision team, and show team events. She has produced many national inline and quad medalists and has provided supplemental coaching services for senior-level skaters. Two of her skaters have qualified for the FIRS (now World Skate) World Championships and one received a Bronze World Medal placement. Williams is one of 8 World Skate Academy leaders in the United States… but what she really loves is to promote the sport to new families with fun session skating activities at Bonaventure and the other Metro Skating facilities.

Coach Carlesa currently runs the weekly Saturday morning Family Sk8 Adventure session. She is also the coordinator for the Bonaventure S.T.E.M. daytime training. The weekly Friday morning Adult MIX social skating session and the Adult R&B Sk8 on the last Sunday each month were discontinued with Covid, but private time is available on Tuesday or Thursday mornings (by appointment only) for adults interested in dance on skates.

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