Coach Alyson

Coach Alyson is young and full of energy… and so are her young skaters. Alyson takes lots of young beginner class skaters and gets them involved in solo and group competitive performance events at our local Michigan skating meets, and she has fun doing it and is willing to take them as far as they want to go. Coach Alyson is like a mother hen surrounded by her chicks when she teaches skating classes and works with her performance groups. She’s really good at keeping the young ones busy and they keep her pretty busy, too!

You will find Coach Alyson in the rink on Monday evening teaching the Bonaventure Learn to Skate Classes and training the Star Groups for competition, test and show activities. She is also in the rink on Sunday mornings for skaters in private and group training.

Call Coach Alyson at 810.730.0935 for information about beginner, intermediate and advanced classes as well as skating team activities or visit her on FaceBook…


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